5 Digits Tally Counter

Introducing the 5 Digits Tally Counter app a fusion of sleek design and versatile functionality crafted for an array of tally tracking applications. This app isn't just about looks; it's a robust tool designed to fit seamlessly into both personal and professional environments.

Uses and Benefits

  • Event Attendance Tracking: Perfect for monitoring the flow of attendees at various events, ensuring accurate headcounts from seminars to large gatherings.
  • Simple 5 Digit Display for IoT Projects: Integrates with your IoT projects, serving as a straightforward display for a variety of applications, enhancing both utility and interaction.
  • Queue Management: Ideal for businesses, the app can display the next customer to be served, streamlining service delivery and enhancing customer experience.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic Interface: Boasts a visually appealing design and smooth animations, making every interaction enjoyable.
  • Remote Control: Allows for the management of your tally counter from any web browser, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Multi-Counter Management: Simplify operations by controlling multiple counters simultaneously with a unified code.
  • MQTT Communication: Choose between using a custom or public MQTT broker for reliable communication between the app and your devices.
  • Public MQTT Brokers: For ease of use, the app is compatible with public brokers such as EMQX, HiveMQ, or Mosquitto, eliminating the need for personal MQTT setup.

Privacy and Customization

Your privacy and customization needs are paramount:

  • No Data Collection: We guarantee that your usage remains confidential, with no logging of user data.
  • Custom MQTT Broker Integration: For those seeking added security and control, the app supports integration with your own MQTT broker.

Have a Question or Suggestion?

  • Let us know! We'd be happy to hear your feedback on the 5 Digits app.
  • Email us at 5digits@erfan.me.

The 5 Digits Tally Counter app stands as a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your tallying and display needs with sophistication and efficiency. Whether you're managing event attendance, integrating a digital display into your IoT project, or streamlining your business's queue management, this app is equipped to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

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